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Our vision is to inspire your child “to dream more, learn more, do more and become more”.  This is what education is all about.  We will ignite a passion for education and a determination to succeed. We will develop your child’s resilience so that mountains become molehills, rather than the other way round.  We will provide leadership opportunities, and recognise the positive contributions that he or she makes both in and out of school.  We will embed respect and responsibility and develop kindness and compassion.  We will give your child a sense of themselves in the local community and the wider world.  Our vision, in essence, is to make sure that your child has the skills, qualifications, and attributes to be successful as they leave school and take their next steps.

Mrs Justine Mountford

Lower High Street, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 6AZ

Phone Number:
01892 782135

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[email protected]