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We are passionate about helping our students grow and develop so that they are thoroughly equipped for life in the 21st Century. We are absolutely committed to helping our students achieve the best possible academic outcomes. In addition, we are also determined to provide an education for our students which will encourage them to go on to leading purposeful and fulfilling lives. The schools ethos plays an integral role in this, defined by the following: Truth, Excellence, Love, Leadership and Service.

The co-curricular element of school life supports our ethos and allows students to develop and in some cases identify their gifts and talents. This year, the school offered over 3000 hours of clubs that were attended by nearly 80% of our students. Alongside many other opportunities and experiences, we are confident that they provide a platform by which students are enabled to achieve their potential in its widest form.

We have an exceptional team of staff. High quality teaching combined with high expectations alongside our outstanding pastoral care makes for an environment in which students can truly grow and become confident and happy individuals.

Dr M Pawson

Seal Hollow Road Sevenoaks Kent TN13 3SL

Phone Number:
01732 469111

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[email protected]