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The Malling School

The Malling School aims to be an aspirational school that develops the resilience, curiosity, confidence and creativity of our pupils, to enable them to become independent motivated and compassionate life-long learners. We aim to provide opportunities for our pupils to flourish in a diverse, competitive and ever-changing global setting. We will encourage our pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and take every opportunity to actively engage with the wider international community.

At The Malling School our teachers are passionate about their subjects and share that enthusiasm with their students.  Whilst following the national curriculum we allow ourselves the freedom, occasionally, to step outside the rigours of the timetable and pursue learning and investigation for its own sake.

Mr J Vennart

Beech Road, East Malling, West Malling, Kent, ME19 6DH

Phone Number:
01732 840995

Email Address:
[email protected]