School Based Training
Teach Kent and Sussex

School Based Training

We believe one of the best ways to become a great teacher is to work alongside and learn from highly effective teachers currently teaching in schools. Consequently, you begin your training year in your main placement school on the first day of the new school year each September. From the outset you are fully integrated into the school community of your placement school. We consider that this gives our trainees the best chance of succeeding through the training course.

Each week trainees spend just over 4 days a week training in their placement schools. Within school you:

  • Have your own trained mentor who will meet with you weekly to support your development.
  • Will gradually build you your teaching during your training year. You will start the year with observations and joint teaching and progress on to teaching whole classes with a timetable just below the size you could expect as a newly qualified teacher.
  • For primary will experience teaching at Key Stage 1 (years 1-2 and Key Stage 2 (years 3-6).
  • For secondary will experience teaching Key stage 3 (years 7-9), GCSE and ‘A’ level.
  • You will also complete at least a one day school experience and observation visit to each of the following:
    • a special school for students with special educational/additional needs
    • a London school with a high proportion of students who speak English as an additional language
    • Alternative provision school for students who are at risk from exclusion from mainstream schools
    • A school that is in the opposite phase to which you are training (i.e. primary trainees to visit a secondary school and secondary trainees to visit a primary school).