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Heathfield Community College

Our success is based on that strong sense of community, high expectations and mutual respect. Students are well known and well supported, developing a firm identity with College values and a sense of responsibility for one another.

Our committed and experienced staff create the very best learning environment for all our students with a personalised, innovative curriculum alongside dynamic teaching and learning. We have the highest expectations of all our students as we work to ensure that every individual student succeeds.

We promote excellence and personal achievement for all students. A rich, balanced range of experiences and opportunities develop individuals who are able to achieve their very best. All students are encouraged to participate fully to develop the vital skills they need to thrive and excel. We call these skills our Heathfield Habits and they are developed through all aspects of College life.

Our positive and optimistic environment ensures young people can flourish, developing the self-esteem and resilience needed for their success and happiness. Every member of our community accepts their role in creating and supporting that ethos. Students are happy here; they succeed, often achieving far more than they ever thought possible.

Ms C Barlow

Cade Street Heathfield TN21 8RJ

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01435 866066

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