Centre Based Training
Teach Kent and Sussex

Centre Based Training

We also recognise the importance of all our trainees receiving high quality professional development training. Consequently each week trainees receive centre-based professional development training every Wednesday from 12.30-5pm at our main  hub in Tunbridge Wells; Bennett Memorial Diocesan School. Sometimes professional development training takes place in our partner lead school in Tunbridge Wells; Claremont Primary school.

Our professional development team include currently serving school teachers and leaders from our strong partnership of schools.  A number of these schools are amongst the highest achieving schools in the country. Professional development is also led by education consultants and lecturers; many of whom have a regional and national reputation for excellence.

Our professional development training includes:

  • Professional Studies – practical & theoretical training on how to be an effective teaching. This is underpinned by reference to educational research. Professional studies sessions are led by experts in their field within our partner schools and our wider network that draws upon individuals with a regional and nationally recognised expertise in specific areas of teaching.
  • Support and advice for how to gain your PGCE led by our higher education partners, the University of Sussex.

In addition to this every three to four weeks you will attend a subject studies session normally on a Thursday between 4-6pm. For primary you will work with a range of primary subject tutors to ensure you are fully equipped to teaching the primary curriculum from reading, writing, maths, phonics, science to history, geography, RE, music and PE. For secondary you will work with one subject tutor for the course of the year.

Key advantages of the Teach Kent & Sussex programme:

  • You will be placed in a local school from day one making you part of the team
  • Regular weekly training means you build a network of support from our team and with your peers
  • We offer you a personalised subject specific training programme that covers the core content but which is sufficiently flexible to support your own needs
  • Strong chance of a career within our partnership of schools; most of our trainees gain employment as a teacher within the partnership.