About Teach Kent & Sussex
Teach Kent and Sussex

About Teach Kent & Sussex

Welcome to Teach Kent & Sussex teacher training. We are a partnership of highly successful primary and secondary schools in west Kent and East Sussex dedicated to developing world class and highly supportive teacher training.

We are passionate about providing training for teachers that transforms the opportunities young people have. Teachers who have been inspired by high quality initial teacher training and professional development will inspire our students with expert knowledge in the classroom and beyond to help them flourish. Nothing else is as important in schools as this.

Central to our approach is for every trainee teacher to see themselves as a leader. Teachers lead students to a place where they can believe in themselves and achieve success to the highest levels. Teachers prove the maxim that true leadership is leading people to a place they need to get to when they themselves don’t believe they can get there.

We focus on training teachers so that they develop a strong subject knowledge and understand the best of the latest educational research to understand how best to impart their knowledge to young people. The knowledge our young people learn will help them meet the challenges of this and coming generations. Such teaching makes dreams happen and ensures that ambitions can be achieved.


Great teachers are never forgotten. They transform lives and make futures brighter.

The children in our schools have just one chance at school. We want to give them the best chance possible by having the best teachers.


Apply to teach with us and discover how you can be part of that story of transforming lives.

Every lesson shapes a life.