Teach Kent & Sussex want to create great teachers. We have six clear principles that guide our training work:

i) Trainees train in schools where great teaching inspires young people to achieve to the highest standards. Our teachers are experts in providing that inspiration. They help trainees to do the same.

ii) We believe in the importance of subject expertise: the research evidence shows that great teachers have a high level of subject expertise. That is why our training programme focuses on how children learn in your subject or area of specialism.

iii) We believe in the importance of training our mentors – all our mentors are identified as great teachers. As they support you in becoming a great teacher we ensure that they are engaging in the latest and best educational research about effective teaching.

iv) We believe in the power of training in schools – the evidence shows that trainee teachers benefit most when they experience school as early as possible in the school year. That is why we start our trainee teachers on the first day of term in September.

v) We believe in the importance of training you in how to manage a class effectively. You will be taught, supported and guided so that you know what to do if you ever encounter challenging behaviour.

vi) We support you: during the application process we are happy to provide advice in helping you complete your application. On being made an offer to train with us we will provide you with an inducation programme and provide you with the practical help you need to start your training year successfully e.g. we can help you find somewhere to live.

In your training year we will train you in a school that will be the best fit for you in becoming a great teacher.